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Global Warming & Solutions

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Vithiya, Xinyee, Velda, Jessie

Deforestation is the clearance or clearing of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest use. Humans started cutting down trees and plants for industries and factories use, and even use to make other useful things like papers. I think this is very bad. As Deforestation can harm alot of living things. Like the animals, it can destroy alot of animal's home or even kill them. Dont you think it is sad when your home is being destroyed. I think that we shall stop wasting any papers and start recycling to help to stop deforestation, for example lesser tests in school, we can make the tests to work in computer, so we do not have to use much papers, thus this will help us to stop deforestation!



The world is dying, please stop deforestation!!!



1) Describe deforestation. 2) Find the pictures of deforestation. 3) Explain how to prevent deforestation and how can we help.4) How deforestation harm us(living things) STOP DEFORESTATION



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