Vitamin E

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Vitamin E

VItamin E is used to treat certain genetic disorders. For those who have Alzheimir's disease, vitamin E can slow down the worsening of memory loss. When having Anemia vitamin E improves the response to the erythropoietin (drug). VItamine E can also prevent bladder cancer, if taken more than 10 years.

What VItamine E can do?

Vitamin E

-Sunflower seeds (204 calories)-Almonds (132 calories)-Spinach (41 calories) -Avocados (240 calories)-Peanuts (207 calories)

Vitamin E can also help if taken correctly -helps your hair grow longer-can give you strength -helps your muscles function better

Foods that contain Vitamine E

VItamine E is a vitamin that desolves in fat.

Deficiency of vitamin E

Infants:-loss of weight and delayed growth-poor eating habits-develop mental problems

Children-liver disease -lack of coordination of muscle movement-loss of position senses-muscle weakness-slow growth

Adults-fragile red blood cells -age spots-decrease in sex drive-muscle, liver, bone, marrow, and brain function abnormalities


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