Vitamin A

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A FactsheetBy Jacinda Yang

Vitamin A possesses many benefits to the functionality of our bodies, including healthy hair, skin, mucus membrane and teeth, just to name a few. It however, serves many more purposes, each one just as essential as the other.

Immune System: Vitamin A simply maintains the immune system- a deficiency leading to an weakened response to infection. Cell Growth: A form of Vitamin A, retinoic acid, acts as a growth factor for cells, including epithelial (tissue) cells. This in turn, allows for healthy soft and skeletal tissue growth. Skin Health: Vitamin A forms and maintains healthy skin, using retinoic acid. It activates the genes causing immature skin cells, in order for them to form into mature epidermal (skin) cells.

Vision: Vitamin A maintains and promotes normal vision, especially in instances of low or dim light. It does this through the production of pigments within the retina of the eye. A form of vitamin A (retinal), when combined with a form of protein (opsin), form rhodopsin, a light-absorbing molecule which is necessary for colour and low-light vision. A deficiency can cause visual impairments or deficiencies.

Vitamin A plays an important role within our bodies; a deficiency of it can lead to disastrous consequences. However, this can easily be avoided by simply choosing the correct foods to consume, and ensuring you eat an ample amount. These include sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, as well as any of the foods displayed.


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