Vitamin A

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Vitamin A

Problems with too little

Vitamin A


-9-13 years old= 600 micrograms -14-18years old= 700micrograms(Female), 900micrograms(Male) (per day)-Tolerable upper intake level= teens 1,700-2,800 per day

Carrots, Pepper, Dairy, Fish, Strawberry, Spinach, Liver, and more

-Essential for normal growth/development -Central role maintaining the body’s skin and epithelial cells-Forms part of the two pigments needed by the retina to help the eye adjust to many degrees of light (helps vision)-Healthy skin and membranes and strong bone-Involved in the production of WBC

Foods that contains vitamin A

Dietary Recommendations


Problems with too much

Surplus of vitamin A:-can be toxic in large amounts, may feel dizzy and nauseated (headache and vomiting)-birth defect-liver problems-weakened bones-disorders the central nervous system-eating alot of carrots doesn’t have a side effect, but too much can turn a persons skin orange

Lack of vitamin A:-Damage retina and cornea of the eye-Can become blind-Difficult for the body to fight off infections


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