[2019] Lexis Vaughn (Period 2): Vitamin A

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[2019] Lexis Vaughn (Period 2): Vitamin A


-Helps form & maintain healthy teeth-Helps form & maintain bone-Helps form & maintain soft tissue, mucus   membranes, and skin.-Promotes good eyesight-Produces the pigments in the retina of the eye-Protects your eyes from night blindness -May help lower risk for certain cancers-Supports healthy immune system

What is the recommended daily allowance?

- 900 mcg

What Happens if there is a Deficiency?

-Inadequate Intake-Fat Malabsorption-Liver Disorders-Also causes rashes

What Happens if there is a toxicity?

-Vision Changes-Bone Pain-Skin Changes-Can lead to liver damage-Increased pressure on your brain

What are the best food sources for Vitamin A?

Cod liver oil, Eggs, Fortified breakfast cereals, Fortified skim milk, Orange & yellow fruits and veggies, Broccoli, Spinach, and most Dark green leafy veggies

Functions of Vitamin A