Visual Literacy (Assignment), Oral Communication

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Visual Literacy (Assignment), Oral Communication

Here are example websites I found for using visual literacy in the classroom:-

My idea on using visual literacy in the classroom- My example on the class wiki: One way for students to visually represent their knowledge in Social Studies when studying the Underground Railroad would be to recreate some possible paths of escaping slaves using Google Maps and selected texts about the Underground Railroad. Students could use texts provided by the teacher as well as research other possible routes. They would then recreate the paths on Google Maps, citing sources at stops as well as what might happen at particular places. In this way, students would also learn about the difficulties and triumphs runaway slaves encounter as well as common paths and people associated with the Underground Railroad.- I think some teachers use visual literacy without even thinking about it, such as concept maps and Venn diagrams. New educators from my generation have the knowledge of technology to interact more effectively with students using these tools. I feel this puts us at an advantage when applying for future jobs.


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on the importance of Visual Literacy in the Social Studies classroom

What I learned

1) Students are able to recall information better using visual and nonrepresentational literacy.2)allows students to recognize how concepts or topics connect to one another in the social studies content area3) developes social literacy and literacy skills to help further students' educations4) new educators need to be literate in technology to help 21st century learners

This video explains why multiple literacies are important for students to develope as well as why teachers need to learn technological literacy. Take a look!

This is the video I watched from Dr. Alderton's wiki on visual literacy across the curriculum.


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