Visual Journal Conclusions

by ShannontheMuse
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Visual Journal Conclusions

Visual Journal Conclusions

Visual Journals as Reflection ToolI don't know if I am convinced that the visual journal helped me reflect on class readings and discussions. I think I got more out of actually taking notes and discussing with my peers. However, I do see the value in visual journals as a marking tool, and a way to assess the reflections done through notes and discussions. I feel I would need to try visual journalling in a pencil-and-paper, hand drawn and written, cut-and-paste physical format before I can truly have an opinion/judgment on the use of it as a reflection tool....

GlogsterPersonally, I did not like using glogster for my visual journal. I decided to use it since I always hand write notes; this is the first year I have taken class notes on a computer. Now I know I prefer exploring my thoughts through hand writing, and hand drawing! I felt I could not fully explore my thoughts or creativity through the computer....



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