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Social Studies

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Visual Compare and Contrast

1965 - 1985

1966PM Pearson introduces the Canada Pension Plan, which introduced the Canada AssistancePlan to help provide social assistanceprograms, and later introducedCanada's system of Medicare.


Canada's Centennial Celebration Song

Canada turns 100!

1960's "Youthquake"Adults were beginning to acceptthe culture that had evolvedafter WWII, which created a powerful youth culture of protest.

1960's Women's Movement

Feminism emerged as a significant force.Women felt isolated in the suburbs andtrapped by the roles that society has putupon them, which would not allowwomen to develop their potential.

1962's Environmental MovementThe public were informed of the terrible damage that is being done to the Earth's air, water, and land from a book called 'Silent Spring'. Environmental groups were formed around this time, Greenpeace was the most famous group.


In an effort to help deal with unemployment and regional disparity, the Trudeau Government increased transfer

payments to the provinces to be used for social services. The Trudeau Governtment also spent millions of dollars on regional projects to help and improve economic development in certain areas, such as the Atlantic provinces.


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