Visiting the Bistrita Barrage

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Visiting the Bistrita Barrage

The water areas are attractive places for practicing sports such as canoe.


We were getting detailed information from Mr. eng. Pilat

Old uses of this place

Waiting for the hosts during a rainy day

The first beneficiaries of the water areas are the migrating birds. You can see some happy winter swan (Cygnus Cygnus).

In the adjacent photos, you can see the ,,rizberna'', which are some kinds of concrate teeth which heve to break the big waves.Next, you can see the engine which activates the obstacle, being helped by the gear wheels.

The uses of the barrageThe barrage was built in 1974, the old one was broken by the floods in 1968. Nowadays, the barrage is used for providing recreation for Bacau city. It also feeds with water the chemical fertilizers factory ”Amurco” and the heating plant of the town. In case of another flood, it’s the barrage which will stop it!

In the past, there were a lot of many other uses for this barrage. The logs were ,,passing by'' in their way to the Letea factory (paper manufacture), nowadays, closed. There was also a mill for animal skins here, but unfortunately, the traditions are dissapearing.


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