[2015] Athea Alconcel: Visible Learning

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[2015] Athea Alconcel: Visible Learning

Learning environment had impacted on me and my learning because i have learnt how important the environment is for the kids. How easy is it for them to get into trouble. Whether its from high chairs, to sharp objects that are easy accessed to kids. So for us educators, we are taught to build a safe environment for kids to read, laugh, play, and many more. Creating a colorful and height appropriate furniture helps the children feel as if they are welcomed. I was also taught how to create proper schedules and routines for children to follow, as well as trying to help children grow through experiences created from the proper schedule provided. The significant knowledge and skill/development that i have gained in the area of child development is that without a proper environment for kids to be able to experience joyful memories, the kids will not be able to know what true childhood is. As for us educators, we are there to provide them with a great environment that gives a warm welcome to the children as and their parents. To help expand their imagination through different types of activities. My role as a global citizen is to be responsible enough to create a safe and appropriate environment for children. By applying that, I have been more immersed in trying to create and help minimize accidents by protecting children whom i babysit by creating a safe environment. I have been providing the children timed naps in hopes that they will get enough sleep to grow. By taking his course, it helped me widen my views on how childcare is like, learning about the environment for the kids, how important and crucial it is.

Visible Learning

Learning Environment

Healthy development has helped me understand the concept of developing and the many different way children are developing. How our actions take part of their development. Learning about the different stages of developing, from crawling to running. The skills that were gained was being able to learn how to properly watch out for the actions that were given to me, i learned that actions speak louder than words.

The Virtual child assignment helped enhance my knowledge about childrens developement and how our choices as "Parents" can easily affect the child and how he/she grows up. It's amazing how a chil thinks, they are still on the vege of figuring out who they are, and my virtual child helped me understand the types of stages that kids go through and how they develope.

Virtual Child

Healthy Developement

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