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Communicable Viruses


What is a virus?*Virus = tiny particals about 1,000,000th of an inch. Doesn't contain the enzymes needed to carry out the chemical reactions for life. Viruses only carry 1 or 2 enzymes that decode their genetic. Must have hot cell! No hot cell, no function. -A.O.

How Viruses Work?Colds and flus are caused by viruses. Viruses are responsible for many other serious diseases including- AIDS, Ebola hermorrhagic fever, infectious Hepatitus, and Herpes.-A.K.

Cell=a stand alone living entity able to eat, grow, and reproduce.-A.O.

How A Virus Infects you?Viruses are always around. They need a host cell to live. They enter through the nose, mouth or breaks in skin. All viruses do this.1.Attaches to the host cell2.Releases genetic instructions into the host cell3.The genetic instructions recruits the host cell enzymes.4.The enzymes make parts for new virus particals5.The new particals assemble the parts into new viruses.6.The new particals break free from the host cell.-K.S.

On The InsideOnce the new viruses are made, they leave the host cell on one of two ways:-they break and destroy the host cell (lysis)-they pinch out from the cell membrane and break away with a piece of the cell membrane surrounding them. This is how envoloped viruses leave the cell. This does not make the host cell die.-A.H.

How You Get a Cold:1. An infected person sneezes near you2. You inhale the virus particals that ataches to the cells in the nose3. The host cells break then the viruses spread elsewearHow you can prevent a cold:-wash your hands-don't share a glass or drink with someone sick-don't put your hands in your mouth-don't rub your eyes-K.S.

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Cold Symptoms:-fever-conjestion-coughing-soar throat____________They Spread Through:-offices-schools-homes-A.K.

By: Avery K., Kylie, Adisyn, Avery H.


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