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Virtual Poster of Jamaica

Movement- Jamaica makes an average of 4.6 billion dollars just on imports. Similar to the U.S, Jamaica uses phones, email, and other common things to communicate with each other. They use railroads, roads, ships, and planes to get from one place to another. Their major exports are sugar, bananas, coffee, yum, and yams.

-Kingston is the Capital of Jamaica- Jamaica's population consists of over 2.7 million people. -Creole and English are Jamaica's two main languages. -In Jamaica they have the jamaican dollar. One United States dollar is equivalent to about 119 Jamaican dollars.-Elizabeth II is Jamaica's Monarch and Portia Simpson-Miller is the prime minister of Jamaica.

Basic Information


Region- Jamaica is its own country. It’s also a U.S territory. The majority of Jamaicans speak Creole and English. There are about 2.7 million people that live in Jamaica. The main religions practiced are christianity, baptism, and anglicanism. Jamaica consists of three major landform regions including: the Eastern Mt. region, the Central Valleys, and the Coastal Plains.

Human-Environment Interaction- Jamaica's environment is very hot with mostly rough terrains. The air is very humid and polluted. Humans have adapted to the environment by building airy homes and wearing cool clothes. Humans have modified the environment by cutting down trees for farmland and building spaces. Humans depend on nature for drinking water and vegetation for their food. Effects that have changed the environment are pollution and water contamination.

Place- Jamaica is made up of three major landforms and has a tropical climate with lots of warm weather. Most people tend to settle in the more coastal areas of Jamaica. The capital of Jamaica is Kingston. Its land is used mostly for farming.

Location- Jamaica is an island nation just above the equator. It's east of Guatemala and west of Haiti. It's in the north west hemisphere. Located in the Caribbean sea. Its neighboring countries are Cuba, Haiti, and Guatemala.


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