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Virtual Classroom

Welcome to our virtual classroom. You will use this glog to navigate through your room. You will research, present, communicate, share and document your work here. This is the only place you will have to navigate to in order to complete your assignments. Good Luck!


You will need to access in order to communicate with me and check your assignments. Link to schoolnotes from this billboard. Please set up an account and get familiar with the site.

Mr. Hand's Virtual US History Classroom

Click on this link to our class quicktopic to communicate where you are with regard to your project. You need to create an account in order to use this site. Once you are in, navigate to Mr. Hand's Class Quicktopic.

If you wish to discuss anything face to face, Skype is available to you. Simply create a profile, download the program onto your computer and purchase either a computer with sound and video capabilities or buy a web cam and headphones. You can dicuss your progress, show eachother ideas and bounce things off of eachother at any time. This is your link to get started with Skype.

Today in HistoryClick here to see what happened in our nation's history on this day.

Take a virtual tour of the National Museum of American History and visit the Gettysburg Address exhibit.Click on the picture to see it

Check out this student created video of the Gettysburg Address

1. To provide the skills needed to peform in an advanced technological age.2. Students should have choices in how they learn and present their information.3. To provide a learning environment that is rewarding, yet flexible.4. Students should learn that collaboration and integration are the future, not isolation.5. To allow students the freedom to think out of the box. They should be encouraged to involve themselves in creative, technological avenues of engagement.

Goals of our VLC

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