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Social Studies

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Forests cover 65% of the state, wetlands and water cover 6% of the land in the state, while 5% of the state is a mixture of commercial, residential, and transitional.Virginia has many mountains, mineral springs, natural wonders, and numeros historic sites.


It was founded by captain John Smith.The Presidents, Zachary Tailor, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James Madison,Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Monroe, and Woodrow Wilson were all born in Virginia.

Virginia has an economy that is highly diversified. Agriculture, once its mainstay, now follows other sectors in employment and income generation. Tobacco, Virginia's traditional staple, is still the leading crop, and grains, corn, soybeans, peanuts, sweet potatoes, cotton, and apples (especially in the Shenandoah Valley) are all important. Wine production is also important; but the major sources of agricultural income are now poultry, dairy goods, and cattle, raised especially in the Valley of Virginia. The coastal fisheries are large, bringing in especially shellfish—largely oysters and crabs.

Social Life

Life in virginia was very difficult mostly for the women. Women had to mary at age of 16, and had an average of 8 kids. The Virginia Colony existed between 1607 and 1776. During that period, the colony went through a series of changes in both denomination and power, but the lifestyle of those living there remain basically the same for those 70 years.


VirginiaBy:Aury Morales 205


Interesting facts

Religion in early Virginia was based on the Anglican Church in England. This religion came about because people wanted to make their own choices, they didn’t want a Pope to rule over their people. They were christians.


Why I choose it

I choose Virginia because i wanted to learn more about its colony. I also wanted to do virginia becasue I've been interested about from were they got their name and how all this jorney started.

The government of Virginia combines the three branches of authority in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The current Governor of Virginia is Bob McDonnell. The State Capitol building in Richmond was designed by Thomas Jefferson, and the cornerstone was laid by Governor Patrick Henry in 1785. Virginia currently functions under the 1971 Constitution of Virginia. It is the Commonwealth's seventh constitution. Under the Constitution, the government is composed of three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial.



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