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John Smith founded the first and best colony Virginia in 1607. He saw great potential in Virginia. One of the reasons why are cash crops. Our cash crops are tobacco, corn, cotton and grains. We also like to raise pigs and cattle. Another reason is the wonderful weather we have here. The summers are humid and the winters are mellow. This leads to us being able to grow crops throughout the year. And do you know what that means? More money and supplies!

Virginia is a royal colony, which is a colony ruled by the King’s appointed officials and the King. This brings great peace of mind for the Virginia people. Virginia’s landscape includes coastal plains, valleys, and mountains. Natural resources we use are fish and wood from trees. The Southern colonies are the warmest of the three regions. Here in Virginia the land is plentiful and the soil is fertile and suited for plantations


Come to Virginia, we were first for a reason.

If you come to Virgnia you’ll have the opportunity to get land and Farm, leading to more money and success. Do you want to be part of this special moment? Where you can grow things such as tobacco, corn, cotton and grain to get lots of money and earn a living? Then come to Virginia. If you pay the way to Virginia for yourself or someone else you will receive 50 acres of land. Farming could bring great success as cash crops are sold for great profit. Also, landowners have hard working slaves who work on their farms.

Are you a Christian? Then in Virginia you get to follow the Anglican Church. Good things will happen to you if you follow the church! The colonists are governed by a council chosen by the board in London. In addition, to the governor's appointed council, each Virginia community elects two representatives to a House of Burgesses. The Burgesses initiate and pass local laws for your peace of mind!


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