Virginia Colony

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Virginia Colony

Captain John Smith inacted a system of work whereby a six hour workday was required. He stated, "He that shall not work, shall not eat." He set up trade with the Powhatan Indians. The colony began to revive but still struggled.Colonist John Rolfe continued to experiment with tobacco seeds and developed a new curing method. His tobacco sold for a good price and was exported. Such large orders required manual labor, which led to slavery in 1619. But Jamestown had been saved. Rolfe would go on to marry Chief Powhatan's daughter, Pocahantas.

Important EventsCaptain John Smith trading with PowhatanStarving TimeLord de La Warr arrivesRolfe cultuvates tobacco

Tobacco as Cash Crop

Headright SystemNew colonists who bought a share in VA Co or paid for their passage were granted 50 acres of land.New arrivals meant problems with natives

Virginia Colony

Rep. Govt

The first representative govt was established in the New World here, in VA. It was the governing body of Jamestown, called the House of Burgesses.

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A charter was granted in 1606 to the Virginia Company by King James I of England. The 144 colonists settled on the banks of the James River in 1607, naming their colony Jamestown. The colonists had been townspeople; no idea how to survive on so little. The area was swampy, with disease-filled mosquitoes and the upper class men refused to work. 400 new colonists arrived in 1609, leading to a food shortage. The winter of 1609-1610 is known as the "Starving Time." Colonists ate rats, dogs, shoe leather just to survive. By 1610 only 60 settlers were still alive. They abandoned the colony but met their governor, Lord de La Warr, with supplies. He convinced them to return.

A difficult startA difficult start



1606 - VA Co receives charter1607- 144 men arrive1619- women arrive


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