Violent Rebellions

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Violent Rebellions

Stono RebellionSept. 9 1739

German Coast Uprising Jan. 8 1811

Nat Turner's Rebellion Aug. 22 1831


How Did It End?English killed off most of the rebels

- raided warehouse store (beheaded white store owners, placed heads on front steps)- murdered everyone in town- burned all buildings

What Happened?- 20 slave (all seasoned soldiers) led by Jemmy- rebellion at Stono River- rebels marched towards St. Augustine, FL (under Spanish rule=freedom)

How Did It End?- 100 insugents taken prisoner, 20 dead due to lack of miliary experience- prisoners executed (heads severed and used to line New Orleanian streets)

Charles Deslondes-mulatto slave driver at Andry sugar plantation- influenced by Haitian Revolution

What Happened?- Deslondes and 25 other slaves attacked their plantation owner and his family (hacked son to death, let master escape)- ransacked local militia's warehouse- marched towards New Orleans- others joined [124-300] (pillaged plantations, murdered whites)

What Happened?- Turner and 70 armed slaves beat their master and his family, attacked 15 homes, killed 55-60 whites- white militia attacked Turner's men- Turner eluded escape for up to a month

How Did It End?- Turner caught by militia and executed- whites took his body, skinned it, distributed body parts as souvenirs, removed his head and displayed it- 21 rebels went to gallows, 16 sold

Primary Sources"Turner and four trusted lieutenants embarked upon the bloody insurrection on the night of 21 August 1831, beginning with the slaughter of the Travis family. . . . Turner's rebels had killed almost 60 white men, women, and children. Turner escaped capture for six weeks, but eventually was caught, tried, and executed" (Mellard)"a large body of Negroes assembled . . . [and] rushed upon them with desperate fury, armed with clubs and staves; one of them knocked down a White man" (Rind)


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