Violence vs Courage

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Violence vs Courage

1)He was killing all the men for anger and hatred. 2)He was ready to kill.3)This demonstrates violence because it's telling about Beowulf fighting the dragon. He is fughting the dragon with his giant sword that broke while he was fighting.

1)"Snatched up thirty men, smashed them, unknowing in their beds and ran out with their bodies." (pg.44)2)"The monster came towards him, pouring out the fire and smoke, hurrying to its fate." (pg.64)3)"The ancient black broke, bit into th emonsters skin, drew blood, but cracked and failed him before it went deep enough..." (pg.64)


Violence vs. Courage

1)They were brave and so they thought they had the courage to stay after dark.2) This showed that if you ought with no weapon you were brave and so this showed courage.3) None of the men showed courage because they had ran.


1)"With the courage drawn from too many cups of ale, sworn to stay after dark." (pg.49)2)"Is strong enough to fight with no weapons." (pg. 48)3)"The wilaf turned and angrily told them what men without courage must hear." (pg.69)


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