[2014] Madyson Horton (Grade 4 2014): Viola Liuzzo

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[2014] Madyson Horton (Grade 4 2014): Viola Liuzzo

BiographyApril 11,1925 Viola was born Viola Fauver Gregg . Her mother and father were, Eva Wilson and Heber Gregg. When Viola was born America was faced with many racial problems and violence.Soon after Vioola was born the couple had another daughter, Mary. While on the job, Viola’s father was injured, and, during this depression, he could not provide for his family as a coal miner. Work was very difficult to come by for Mrs. Gregg, as she could only get short-term, teaching positions. The family went depper into poverty and decided to move in pursuit of better job opportunities. The family moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Viola was six when this happened.

Viola did this all because ............Viola was horrified by the images of the aborted march on March 7, 1965, at the Edmund Pettus Bridge which became known as Bloody Sunday. Nine days later, she took part in a protest at Wayne State. after hearing the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. call for people of all faiths to come and help, saying that the struggle was everybody's fight. She then called her husband to tell him she would be traveling to Selma. Leaving her children in the care of family and friends she contacted the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) who took her on and gave her the task of delivering aid to various locations, welcoming and recruiting volunteers. She also transported marchers from airports, bus terminals and train stations, which she did in her personal car, a 1963 Oldsmobile. She participated in the other nonviolent and mostly peaceful marches from Selma to Montgomery between March 21 and March 25.


Viola Liuzzo

The Tragic DeathMarch 25, 1965While Viola was driving one of the marchers, an African-American man, LeRoy Moton, a car full of klansmen pulled up alongside her car. One of them fired two shots through her car window crushing her skull and taking her life. Her car swerved off the road and veered into a ditch. Fortunate for Moton, he was not hurt, but he was covered in Viola's blood. When the klansmen came, he layed still and they thought he was dead....................

In 1943, Viola married George Argyris, a restaurant manager where she worked. They had two children, Penny and Evangeline Mary, and divorced in 1949. She later married Anthony Liuzzo, a Teamsters union business agent. They had three children: Tommy, Anthony, Jr., and Sally Liuzzo. Viola decided to return to school, and attended the Carnegie Institute in Detroit, Michigan. She later enrolled part-time at Wayne State University in 1962.


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