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[2015] Vincent Perez: Vins glog

The Geography

DelawareColonyBy Vin Perez


The lenni-Lenape were Native Americans that occupied the land now known as Delaware. They lived in bands of 50-200 people along the Delaware River and bay. They lived in dome-shaped homes called Wig-Wams. They belived that the world started on the back of a sea turtle which grew trees on its back that sprouted the first human couple. Lenape women farmed and tended to the house while men hunted. When the colonists arrived the Lenape were friendly towards them but that ended when they were pushed off their land and hunted down by the Narragansett and other Native American tribes and almost wiped out.

Lenape thunder music

The area we know of today as 'Delaware' is surounded by coastline except on the north and south. It has hilly plains with marshes and forests. How Delaware got its name is by Samuell Argall who sailed past there in the early 1600's. He named the bay and the river.

Economy ofDel. Colony

In 1681 William Penn founded Delaware colony. For the colonists, they had a variety of jobs as farmers, blacksmiths, merchants, soap makers and more. Delaware colony is called a bread basket colony for the amount of wheat it produced. They mined the abundance of iron ore there and transported lumber to England and the other colonies. There was not alot of slaves in the colony and there was freedom of religion. They also made a good profit trading furs with the Lenape. However the Native Americans were drove off the land eventually.

Sucessesand hardships

The Delawareans had alot of hardships but also alot of sucesses. For a while they fought with the Dutch for control and had cold winters and were attacked by the Narragansett tribe and others. They faced severe brutal winters and short famines. However, William Penn finally won victory and named it for England and they had an abundance of Wheat and iron ore and lumber. They had easy access to the river and bay and they were able to trade and make peace with some tribes.

Map of Delaware



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