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Chapter 1: Odysseus Lands In Phaeacia"For ten years the trojans fought bravely to save thier city of Troy from the Greeks." "Oh, Hermes, I love him! I want him as my husband. Calypso cried"

Chapter 2: Odysseus and the cyclops "The sight of this monster frightened us so much that we hid in the bsck of the cave" "With one hard push, we drove the burning point into the cyclops's single eye"

Chapter 3: Odysseus and Circe"Aeolus gave me a gift, a bag of wind" "Circe invited us to join her and enjoy the comforts of her enchanted palace"

Chapter 4: The folly of odysseus's men"after a year had passed, Circe saw that we were determined to leave her beautiful island" "I told my men about the sirens and what we had to do to escape"

Chapter 5: Odysseus returns to ithaca"farewell, oh great king alcinous" "the father and son wept with happiness at thier reunion"



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