Vincent Van Gogh

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Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh

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Life Timeline1853Born March 30 in Groot-Zundert, North Brabant, The Netherlands.1864-66Sent to boarding school in Zevenbergen.1866Attends Willem II College in Tilburg.1879Begins work as missionary for six months in Wasmes.1885Paints about 50 heads of peasants as studies for Potato Eaters.1886 January-March studies art at Antwerp Academy; moves to Paris and studies at Cormon studio; paints flowers influenced by Delacroix and Monticelli; meets Impressionists.1887Impressionists' palette influences his work; collects Japanese prints; exhibits in a working-class café.1888Mutilates his ear.1891January 25, Theo dies in Utrecht of syphilis.

Never Give UpVan Gogh sold just one painting, The Red Vineyard, during his lifetime. He became famous only after his death.

Facts-He was a Post-Impressionist artist.-He used arbitrary color or color with meaning. -He wrote letters to his brother Theo, which is how we know details of his life. -He ate his paint and historians believe he had lead poisoning, which could be why he painted rings around lights.

Portrait of the Artist. 1889

Van Gogh's Chair. 1888

The Night Cafe. 1888

Starry Night. 1889

The Bedroom. 1888


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