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Vincent Van Gogh Biography

Van gogh had a catastrophic love life. He was attracted to women in trouble, thinking he could save them. Van gogh fell in love with an alcoholic prostitute named Clasina Maria. She became his companion, mistress, and model. When Clasina Maria went back to prostitution, Van gogh became utterly depressed.He was institutionalized shortly after. While at St. Paul Asylum his Starry Night piece which is widely recognized. He finally ended his own life July 29th in the year 1890 by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, after going through cycles of illness where he was unable to do anything and then times of health where he continued his work. His last words according to his brother Theo were, "The sadness will last forever."

Today, he is widely regarded as one of history's greatest painters and an important contributor to the foundations of modern art. He impressively utilized many different forms of Art, such as expressionism in his lifetime.

Vincent van Gogh


Van Gogh was born 30 March of 1853 in the Netherlands to a family with an overlooked history of art. His great grandfather of the same name was a famous sculptor, three uncles were art dealers, as was his brother Theo. He gained an interest in art as a child and continued on his journey in art until his death in 1890. He disliked being away from family and later recalled his youth as, "...gloomy and cold and sterile." His entire life he was a very passionate and emotional man, having troubles dealing with depression even as a youth. When he moved to Neunen he began to prosper more as an artist and had his first major work, The Potatoe Eaters. At this time it was mainly earth tones in his work. His move to Paris in 1886 began his Japaneserie works. After viewing Monticelli's work at Galerie Delareybarette he immediately began using brighter colors in his work.

The Red Vineyard

Van Gogh's Endowment


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