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Vincent Price

Vincent Price

Vincent Price, also known as the "Master of Menance", has left a mark on the world of scare. He has been in several film adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe's own origingal tales and makes them come alive on the big screen.

My item for fire is Vincent Price's House of Wax, and specifically when his museum is burnt down.

My item for wind is the pendulum, from The Pit and the Pendulum. I chose this because this is probably the movie I remember the most and how much it sways in the wind, of course leading to someones death, but lets not think of that.

My water scene will have to be from Edward Scissorhands. This is the scene where Kim walks in on Edward sleeping in her waterbed, which explodes.

Along with being an acclaimed actor, Vincent Price was also known as a gourmet chef. Along with Pan de Muerto, a traditional dish for Dia de Muertos, his favorite foods can be found in ; A Treasury of Great Recipes, a book of Vincent's greatest recipes

I have not heard of Vincent's favorite personal belongings, but I have heard what he likes to do. He had a favorite gardening hat, which he had buried with him at this death. He also loved cooking. He had written many cookbooks and his most known and favorite is A Treasury of Great Recipes. He was also supposedly superstitious, and said that he kept a horseshoe, a cross, and a mezzuza on his front door.


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