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Social Studies
World War I

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vimy glog

Battle of Vimy Ridge

The above image is a painting of the battle field in Vimy Ridge

The photograph above is a group of soldiers on their way home after their victory

The diagram above is a plan design of the stratagy used in Vimy Ridge

The above image is a portrait of General Aurther Currie, the man who developed the plan that carried Canada to victory

"A wonderful success. The grandest day the Corps has ever had. The attack was carried out exactly as planned. The sight was awful and wonderful."

Above is a quote by an unknown soldier who fought at Vimy.

This is a cartoon image of what the Vimy memorial looks like in France

The above image is a photograph of what france has done to preserve the trenches used in the battle of Vimy

Creeping barrage

To the right are two flags, one being Canada's and britains shared flag in 1914, and the other being Canada's present flag


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