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Viktor Frankl

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Determine Viktor Frankl’s occupation prior to the Holocaust? Before the Holocaust, Viktor studied psychiatry and neurology. He then organized six counseling center for young people in Vienna and cities in Austrian. Frankl, then went into private practice. During his private practices, the Nazi’s invaded his town. Nazi’s were forcing Jews into concentration camps. "Viktor and Tilly was first sent to Theresienstadt camp."*(pg.140) Then he was ordered to Auschwitz death camp. He and his wife, Tilly were separated, and he never saw each other again. “If my wife could see me now I do hope she is better off in her camp and don’t know what is happening to me.”A disease, typhus spreads through the camp, Viktor survived. Few days later Viktor finds out that, Tilly had died. At the camp, he gets and accepts a job as director of the Vienna Neurological Policlinic Hospital. He stayed there for twenty-five years.

Explain Viktor's visionary after the Holocaust? When Viktor was in camps, he had a different experience of the war. He developed a way of looking at his experiences called Logotherapy. "Logotherapy is based on the belief that every human situation has meaning.” "Freedom is here defined as the space of shaping one's own life within the limits of the given possibilities.” “Human beings are not only free, but most importantly they are free to something - namely, to achieve goals and purposes.” "Logotherapy assists people perceiving and removing those factors that hinder them in pursuing meaningful goals in their lives." Logotherapy is taught at various colleges worldwide.

Viktor Frankl

Viktor and his wife Tilly

Describe Viktor's Book "Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning""Frankl's last book is published "Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning."The book is written after the Holocaust.It talks about how "Man is responsible for fulfilling the meaning of his life.""Being human means being confronted continually with situations, each of which is at once a chance and a challenge, giving us a "chance" to fulfill ourselves by meeting the "challenge" to fulfill it's meaning."The book describes how we should look at life. "Feelings can be much more sensitive than reason can ever be sensible." "Despair is suffering without meaning." The book sold over two millions copies. The book is still available at bookstores.

Viktor Frankl's Belief After the Holocaust


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