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Social Studies
European history

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ReligionThe Viking religion is Pagan. Which is a polytheistic religion. This religion is very unkown. It was associated with stories called Eddas. There were sacrifices. They often raided christian churches and settled in places that were dominantly christion. The Vikings quickly converted to christianity.

ArtThe vikings were skilled wood and metal workers. They had incredible details in their weapons and furniture.

GovernmentThe Viking government was a simple democracy. People from the same island met yearly to talk about disputes between the people of the island and vote on how to fix them. They also how marriges and divorces.

Social ClassThe top class were the Jarls. They were the wealthiest. The middle class were the Karls. They were landowners with regular jobs like farming and smithing. The lowest class were the Braell. They were slaves and bondsman (People who couldn't pay their debts)

AgricultureMost vikings were farmers when they weren't out fighting. There main crops were barley, oats, and rye. They also grew peas, beans, root vegatables, and cabbage. They had a lot of livestock, which was where they got most of there food.

TradeThe Vikings had very large cargo spaces in there ships therefore, they could trade a lot of goods. They usually traded with close islands but they aslo went throughout all of europe. They traded with some of the Arab countries and even some places in Asia. Thye traded what ever they could get there hands on from lumber to silk.

ArchitectureThere houses were made of timber, mud, and straw. They built them in large oval shapes like their ships. They housed 30-40 people, including the familyand slaves with some domestic animals. There are giant poles that support the walls and roof of the house. The military buildings were built stronger and larger.


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