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Social Studies
European history

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Most Vikings were farmers even though they were known to raid the Western Europe and trade by sailing East to West. Althought the vast majority of Vikings were famers, little is actually known about their farming practises. All of the information we currently have resides from Denmark historians.





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Social Class



Pagan was a very prominent religion in the era of Vikings. Most of the information that was obtained about this religion was from Iceland written about two centuries ago. It is said that Pagan had some Christian influence. The Vikings worshipped gods including Odin the Allfather, Thor, and Queen of the Valkryies: Freya.

During the Norse Era, art was not meant to be art. There visualization of art was everyday objects being ornamentized. They used the most simple objects and turned them into a work of art. Only the most skilled tools users could make such a work of art. The materials used were generally metal and wood.

Norse/Viking traders traveled a good majority of the known world. It is said that Viking cargo ships were very large and could carry not only items in bulk, but also luxury items without many problems arising. The trading was usually across short distances of sea because of the many ports that were availbe for use along the Scandinavian coast.

Douglas Klingonsmith P.5

The Viking building were a very interesting shape and look. They were designed to look like the bottom section of one of their ships. It is said to hold between 30 and 50 people per building depending on the size. They used many wooden poles on the outside of the building as support

The Vikings had a method of government that began within one's family. It soon spread to a general area and eventually became an early form of democracy. The rulers of an areas were either referred to as "Jarls" or "Kings". At the end of the Viking Era there government began to spread to other areas of Iceland and Norway.

The first class of the Viking Era is the "þræll" which included but not limited to slaves and bondsmen. Above this social class is the "Karls" which consisted of middle class families who were generally land owners. Above them all were the leaders of the Vikings which was the "Jarls" who were king figures among the people.



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