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Social Studies
European history

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The Vikings originatedfrom Scandinavia. Theywere seafaring people who invaded Europe. The Vikings were Pegans but ultimatly convertedto Christianity.

The vikings were different from other Germanic tribes because they spoke a different language, were Pegan and were seafaring.

The Vikings were Unique

How Viking Terror Ended

When the Europeans adopted feudalism, it helped with their defense system. Therefore, it ended theViking age of Terror.

The climate got warmer and because of this, the Vikings had no need to steal anymore, so they stopped raiding the lands of the Europeans.




The Feudal System is a political and military system where land (fief) is given from Lord to Vassal on the condition that each will fulfill theirduties to the other.

The Feudal System

Originally, Vikings would raid monasteries. When they converted to Christianity, they had more respect, so they stopped.


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