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A vignette can be compared to a Journal entry or an entry into one's diary.

What is a Vignette?A vignette is a short, well written, descriptive snap shot of a single incident in your life. When writing a vignette, it is important that you remember to include sensory details to help make your snap shot more interesting. What are Sensory Details?They are details that portray your senses. Touch - Sight - Smell - Taste - Sound

Famous Author, Sandra Cisneros, tells her readers that she decided to write her novel, The House on Mango Street, because "you will always be Mango Street. You can't erase what you know. nYou can't forget who you are." The purpose of this project is to create your own book which will help you remember what you know, as well as show others who you are.


Your Assignment: Create your own book of Vignettes. It will be due on October 5th. No late Books will be accepted. Please refer to the handout for assignment instructions.

How to start off with an Autobiographical Vignette

1. Brainstorm on a personal event which happened one day in your life. Use first person (I or we).2. Tell us (the reader) the Who, What, When, Where and Why of the event. Why being...Why do you remember this event so well?3. What sensory details can you link to this particular event? 4. Summarize how you felt about the incident at the time.5. Looking back, how do you feel about the event now?



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