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Social Studies

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Population -Population:93,421,835-Over 50 ethnic groups-Many people fled Vietnam-Most people are native Vietnamese(Kinh)

Geographical Characteristics-Mountains: Truong Son or Annamite range, Fan Si Pan (10, 312 ft)-Red River Delta-Central Highlands-Mekong River and Delta

A Cao Dai church

Holidays-On the Lunar New Year (Tet nguyen dan), everyone celebrates their birthdays and decorate special tet trees.-11 major lunar holidays (tets)-Liberation Day (April 30)

VietnamBy Katja and Ellie

Capital- HanoiCurrency- Dong(VND)

Main Religions-Most practice combination of Three Teachings; Mayhayand, Buddhism (practiced by 9 percent of population), Confucianism and/or Taoism-about 7 percent are Catholic-In southern regions, religions are called Cao Dai and Hoa Hoa Buddhist

Traditional Food and Drink-National dish- Pho noodle soup w/ rice noodles, veggies, meat or fish broth-Coffee and baguette, like French

-Boiled rice, veggies, meat-Popular drinks- Green Tea, fruit, sugar cane juices

Animals-Over 800 species of birds-200 types of animals-Tigers, black bears, poisonous snakes, elephants, leopards, and crocodiles

Popular Sports-Swim in lakes, rivers and the sea-Participates in the World Cup, but mainly men play in Vietnam-Volleyball-Tennis/Table tennis: Ha Noi just won the the National Tennis Open

Tourism Attractions1)Paradise Cave- surrounded by forests and Karst Peaks, extends 31km but only 1 km is visited, has underground river,

grand/Cathedrol like w/ crystals resembling pillars

2) Citadel of the Ho Dynasty- built in 14th century, strictly followed feng shui principles (was sited on beautiful landscape), testifies to the flowering of neo-Confucianism in late 14th century and the spread to elsewhere in eastern Asia (late 14th century)

Fun Facts-Hanoi was the capital city for more than 1,000 years-The French governed Vietnam from the mid-1800`s until World War II, when Japan took over



Also Known as...Vietnamese Dorayaki Cakes

Vietnamese Pancakes2 eggs, 100gr weat flour,50gr corn starch, 1 tpsb honey, 80gr sugar, 1/2tsp vanilla, 1/2tsp salt, readbeans, butter


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