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Social Studies

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Vietnam's flag has a yellow star the yellow star symbolizes Vietnam's people and the red background symbolizes blood and revolution.

TransportationThe water buffalo is a big form of transportation in Vietnam. The water buffalo are very important to Vietnamese farmers. The water buffalo are treasured by the Vietnamese because they are a great form of transportation especially in the many rice fields that there are there. Another way of transportation there is boating. The Vietnamese are commonly seen boating along the Mekong River. This river is in southern Vietnam.

This is in Vietnam. It is one of there many rice fields. Rice fields often fill the valleys of northern Vietnam. Rice fields grow in the fertile plains along rivers.

This is the map of Vietnam. Vietnam is long and skinny. It is tucked along the southeastern edge of Asia next to the gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea. Vietnam’s total area is about 128,000 square miles (332,000 square kilometres) The population in Vietnam is 90 million


What’s For Dinner?The Vietnamese eat a lot of rice in there meals. Rice is the main crop in Vietnam. The Vietnamese use rice in these meals, rice noodles, rice wine, rice vinegar, rice paper, and sweetened rice cakes. They make a soup called pho. They place noodles and strips of beef or chicken in the bottom of the bowl then cover it all with a spicy broth. Then put fresh herbs on top. Pho is eaten any time of the day including breakfast.

Vietnamese Celebrations!!!The Vietnamese are very into celebrating celebrations!! They celebrate many different celebrations but the biggest one they celebrate is New Years which in Vietnamese is Tet Nguyen Dan. The Vietnamese say chuc mung nam moi instead of happy New Year!!! Tet can fall any time in January or February because the Vietnamese follow the lunar calender. It is based on the movements of the moon. Tet marks the beginning of the lunar calender year. Many Vietnamese believe that kitchen spirits protect their family. The week before Tet , families send these spirits on a journey to visit the Jade emperor heaven. They put out a tall bamboo pole decorated with small pieces of clay. In the breeze, the clay chimes and scares away evil spirits. On new Years Eve, people celebrate with noisy drums, gongs, and fireworks to welcome kitchen spirits back into there homes. Vietnamese celebrate Tet with feasts, parades, friends, and family.

Vietnam does a lot of boating

This is the Vietnamese anthem


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