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Vietnam was an important source of raw materials. Tons of rice, coal, and tin was sent to France from Vietnam.While the french gained wealth Vietnam became very poor. Before the French came almost every family in Vietnam owned some land. Now only French colonists and wealthy vietnamese people own land.

When desire for independence grew very fast it led to conflicts with other countries and within Vietnam. In 1858 French soldiers took over Vietnam's coast. As they began to move inward local armies held attcks and slowed them down.

In the middle 1800's French ships began sailing into the potr city of Da Nang, Vietnam. They established colonies there and neighboring countrys Laos and Cambodia.While the nearby country Thailand remained independent.For over 100 years European countries had controll of the countries in this region.

During the 1940's the Japanese captured Vietnam and other countries in southeast Asia. Japan immediatlystarted using Vietnams resources for battle.Food was sent to the Japanese soldiers in battle from Vietnam. So over 2 million Vietnamese died.But theJapanese began to crumble. The Vietnamese Communists took over nearly all of Vietnam. This group led by Ho Chi Minh declared independence and began their new communist goverment.

In the 1920's anti-French feeling began to take shape. many formed groups that aposed the French. one led by Ho Chi Minh called the Vietnamese communists wanted to bring independence to Vietnam. They planned rallies and marches.

The French were not ready to leave Vietnam. They aided with the British and went to war against Ho Chi Mih and the Vietnamese communists. After 8 years of fighting the French lost in the city of Dien Bien Phu. In 1954 the two sides signed an agreement agreeing that Vietnam would be divided in to two. They decided they would stay like that until elections would unify the nation.The elections never happened so the communists controlled the North and the French controlled the south.

The United states began to get worried about the communism in North Vietnam. The United States decided that they were not going to support the communists and North Vietnam. But they did not wan't to get involved.

War breaks out as as South Vietnamese rebels begin war against their goverment. Later North Vietnamese forces moved into the south as they tried to spread communism and unite th North and South once again.The United States got involved in 1954 helping South Vietnam.This war became know as the Vietnam War.By 1968 half a million

In 1975 South Vietnam surrendered to North Vietnam. more than 58,000 American had died and nearly two million Vietnamese had died.

Vietnam faces many changes during after the war. much have the country had been bombed or fought in.The Vietnamese people were unhappy with the new communist goverment. Over one million people left Vietnam.


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