Vietnam War

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Vietnam War

Ho Chi Minh- He ruled North Vietnam during the Vietnam War and led them agianst the South Vitnamese government because he wanted to unify Vietnam as a communist country. He worked to expel the U.S. forces in Vietnam.John F. Kennedy- He tripled the amount of American military and economic aid in South Vietnam. He refused to withdraw from the war. He was rememberd as an idealistic "Champion of Freedom".Ngo Dinh Diem- He ruled from 1954 to 1963 as an anti-communist leader. Was known for paranoia and his ruthlessness which caused him to be an unpopular leader. Lyndon B. Johnson- Increased the amount of troops going into Vietnam then didn't end the war he became very unpopular. Richard M. Nixon- He started the "Vietnamization" plan, where the the U.S. would withdraw from the war gradually. In his last year as presedent Nixon took the combat soilders out of Vietnam.

Battle Environment

The tensions in Vietnam were believed to have started in 1919. The tension began with Vietname wanting to be free from France. When Vietnam finally gained its independence war broke out on August 5, 1954 due to the domino effect and North Vietname turning communist. The war lasted until May 7, 1975.

- Vietnam is full of jungles, booby traps, and dence brush. - The temperatures in the jungle were very high. It was also very humid due to the constant rain storms. - The conditions were so bad some soldiers were unable to fight due to contracting illnesses.

Result of War

Imporant Figures in Vietnam War


Ryan Burnside

By the end of the war about 15 million North Vietnamese were killed. Incidents like the My Lai massacre and other reports of civilian abuse spark a growing controversy about the war. The American people began to loose interest in the war and also started questioning the government.

- A treaty was signed between South Vietnam and the U.S. in 1961.- U.S. sent support troops and formed the U.S. Millitary Assistance Command in 1962.- In early 1965, the U.S. began air raids on North Vietnam and other communist controlled areas.- The U.S. withdrew from the war due to communist bombings and invasions in Cambodia in 1970.- A peace aggreement was signed between North Vietnam, South Vietnam, and the U.S. on January 27, 1973.

U.S. Involvement

Key Dates During War

1955 -when US Advisers arrive in Vietnam. 1961 -when US Special Forces (Green Beret) arrive in Vietnam. 1965 -when US Regulars arrive, and the air campaign against North Vietnam commences (Operation Rolling Thunder). 1970-The invasion (incursion) of Cambodia,under Nixon's orders. 1971 -The invasion of Laos under Nixon orders.


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