[2015] emmaweiszbrod O'Dell: Vietnam War

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[2015] emmaweiszbrod O'Dell: Vietnam War

weapons they used in the vietnam war.The weapons that were used were booby traps, hand grenades, and machine guns. They also used thousands of pounds of explosives. If you were one of the people that rode or flew in helicopters you would drop the explosives.

How the war ended and how many Americans died.The Vietnam War ended. They were able to sign a peace treaty with South Vietmam, Viet Cong, and North Vietnam. As a result the United States withdrew and was able to restore peace.  The Vietnam War started November 1 1955 and ended April 30 1975,with a total number of casualties estimated at 1,313,000. e.w.

What the Gi's did in their spare time.While in the field, the Gi's would gamble, smoke, read paper back books, and play card games. Even if they weren't in the field they would do the same things. e.w.

How people got into the vietnam war.One third of the soilders were drafted into the war, the other two thirds volunteerd to serve in the war. The first draft for the war was held on December 1, 1969. e.w.

Vietnam War

Causes of the Vietnam WarOne of the most important causes of the Vietnam War was America that communism was threatining to expand over south-East Asia.


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