[2015] Pelasio Petelo: Vietnam war

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[2015] Pelasio Petelo: Vietnam war

The Vietnam war affected America by the Draft! The draft was a scary thing for citizens.The reason why it was so scary is any man 18 and up had to put their name into a raffle drawing. If they got drawn they had to go fight in the war. So many people were being drafted in to the Vietnam war. A total of 1/3 of the total troops were drafted. This affected America because lots of familys had lost family members.

How did the Vietnam War affect America

Vietnam War(General Background)by Sio Petelo\ Markos Lostalo

John F. Kennedy inspired a new generation of optimism. He got so involved in the Vietnam war after months of study and debate he decided to commit to Vietnam in 1961. John F. Kennedy raised the number of troops in Vietnam to 1000 to 1500.

John F. Kennedy

How the Vietnam War started

John F. Kennedy also inspired America to go to the moon by raising the money donations to NASA.

The Vietnam War started when John F. Kennedy wanted to stop communism from happening in South Vietnam. So thats when they went to help South Vietnam. North Vietnam was trying to conqer Vietnam and make it a communist country.


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