Vietnam, I Pledge Allegiance

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Vietnam, I Pledge Allegiance

This book is about 4 friends that live in Boston, MA in the 60's. They've stuck together since 4th grade, and when the Vietnam War began to erupt, they made a pledge that if one of them were drafted then the others would join too. One day Rudi was drafted into the Marine Corps, and keeping to their pledge, Morris, Ivan, and Beck joined the military as well. Morris thought it was best to join the Navy so he could look after his friends. So after joining he was assigned to the USS Boston, patrolling the coast of North Vietnam, fighting what people called the "easy war." After the USS Boston took heavy fire from aircraft, he was sent home for a few days, then reassigned to the Brown Water Navy. Now Morris will be fighting on a small river moniter, deep in the jungles of Vietnam. No longer fighting the "easy war."

The theme of this story is to keep the promises you make with your friends. This is because in the story, Morris didn't have to join the Navy, he could have stayed home and stayed out of the Vietnam War. Instead Morris and the others kept their promise and joined the battle, when Rudi was drafted.


Morris - main character, joined the NavyRudi - drafted into the Marine CorpsIvan - joined the ArmyBeck - joined the Air Force


This story takes place in Boston, MA and North Vietnam in the 1960's.


AUTHORChris Lynch


Book One,

I Pledge Allegiance


USS BostonHeavy Cruiser

River Moniter"Zippo"

United States NavyMarch Song

- Anchors Aweigh


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