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Vietnam Glogster

They wanted peace

Veitnam Glogster

By: Carson Gilroy

The Vietnam War was so contrversial becuase a lot of Americans thought it wasn't our fight, and it was a very political war. People in the Washington made promises that they shouldn't have made.

There were four countries involved. America, Vietnam,France,Democratic Republic of Vietnam,South Korea, Soviet union, The UK, and People's Republic of China.

America was involved in the war because part of it was political, and the other part was becuas eof what we might get out of it. We had a lot of political people who lived in Vietnam, and we tried to set up a bases in Vienam, and we wanted to be closer to other countries.

The Vietnam War took place in all over Vietnam. North Vietnam and South Vietanam

POWs are prisoners of war, and MIAs stands for, missing in action.The Vietnam War started in 1954 and ended in 1975.

location of war

Vietnam memorial


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