Vietnam Collage

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Social Studies
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Vietnam Collage

Theme: War can make youor break you, sometimesboth

"Speaking of Courage" was written at the request of Norman Bowker, who three years later hanged himself in the locker room of a YMCA in his hometown in central Iowa (149)."-Notes

"As a starting point, maybe, Norman Bowker might have listed the seven medals he did win: the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Air Medal, the Army Commendation medal, the Good Conduct Medal, The Vietnam Campaign Medal, the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart (135)."-Style

"I'll tell you something, O'Brien. If I could have one wish, anything, I'd wish for my dad to write me a letter and say it's okay if I don't win any medals. That's all my old man talks about, nothing else. How he can't wait to see my goddamn medals (34)." -Spin

"This whole war," he said. "You know what it is? Just one big banquet. Meat, man. You and me. Everybody. Meat for the bugs (212). "-Night Life

"His jaw was in his throat. His one eye was shut, the other eye was a star shaped hole. I killed him. (172)"-Good Form


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