Video Games in the 1980's

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Video Games in the 1980's

Video Games in the 1980's

The 1980's was only the second year of the Video Game industry but arguably the most important!

Time Line



Pacman was released by Namco on May 22nd,1980. Generated $2.5 billion from 1980-1990. Most successful coin collecting game ever.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was released by Atari in December of 1982. Known as one of the worst movie to game connections ever. Started a downfall in video games. This game was so bad that the remaining unsold cartridges were buried in the deserts of New Mexico.

Tetris is an addictive block game created in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov. This is the first gaming software brought from the USSR to the US. It is still extremely popular on cell phones today.

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E.T. Video Game





Super Mario Bros


Without a doubt, Super Mario Bros. became the best video game every created. This video game was introduced in 1985 by Nintendo featuring its lead man Mario.

Also, Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen quoted his inspiration for creating Flappy Bird came from Super Mario Bros

In August 1989 Nintendo released the Gameboy in North America. This is the first handheld system released by Nintendo but the third of its kind, it quickly passed up the other two in popularity. This Gameboy also came with Tetris, helping its popularity increase.


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