Video Game Violence

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Video Game Violence

Video Game Violence

"The domestic video game industry brings in nearly $12 billion a year."

Violence in videogames has, indeed, caused many young individuals to lack distress at images or scenes where cruelty is imposed. Violent video game exposure can cause a player to become aggressive in their everyday life. Video games have actually paved a gateway for youth to glamorize and be stimulated by violence. It is completely effortless to become virtually engaged in a violent video game. Jane McGonigal, a game designer and author has stated that, “Currently there are more than half a billion people worldwide playing computer and video games at least an hour a day.” Video games such as Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, and Grand Theft Auto are all popular games which are played all around the world. It is unquestionably true that those exposed to violent video games are less likely to flinch at an act of cruelty.

"Approximately 90% of children in the U.S. play video games, and more than 90% of those games involve mature content that often includes violence."


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