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Video analysis

NarritiveIn this music video they are trying to tell us a story but there is also a concept behind it. Not only do the lyrics tell the story but so does the video. "If we lost it all today" "would you still love me". This is telling the audince that in a relationship we shouldnt rely on the things we have but the love you share for eachther.

R.City-Locked Away

Mise En SceneIn the video we see their story through the props, clothing, location etc. We see from the location that they are in a rundown area where crime are committed right on there doorstep. This shows the auidence it is not a safe place to be especially for a growing family. However through all of this; everything they dont have in their life they thrive withg love.

EditingIn this video the editing is very slow paced. This represents the mood, which as seen in the video is quite depressing.


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