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Victorian Era



Victorian Era




Queen Victoria

Victorian fashion was a mixture of all other best fashions. Cloth was made easier and cheaper due to the industrial boom. Colorful stockings and dresses were common. The clothing really emphasized on the woman's body shape, including their waist. Woman wore several layers under their dresses. First the drawers, then the slip, after that a corset, the petticoat, the camisole, the bustle, the underskirt, and finally whatever choice of clothing. Ex: shirt, skirt, dress. Fashion was very extravagant in the Victorian Era

Music had a large impact during the Victorian Era. Ballet, circus, opera, and music hall were very huge. It was very common to go to the theater one day on the weekend. Music halls were open to the public. Many people weould often visit their local music hall. There were 5 popular composers. Michael W. Balfe, Sir Edward Elgar, Edward German, Richard Strauss, Sir Arthur Sullivan. Many different genres were played in the theater. Burlesque, fair plays, and melodrama were the most popular ones. Politics were also often occuring in the theatre. As well as reiligion and church were held at the theater.

Queen Victoria was born on 24 May 1819. She was the monarch of the Untied Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 until she died. On the 1 May she used the title Empress of India. Her father's name was Prince Edward and her mother's was Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. At the age of 18, she had inherited the throne. In 1840, Victoria married her first cousin. She then had nine children who married into royal and wealthy families. She then got the nickname, ''Grandmother of Europe'' Victoria held the longest reign of any British monarch in history. Her reign lasted 63 years and seven months. Also she is the longest female monarch ever ruled in history. Sadly, on 22 January 1901, Queen Victoria passed away.

Victorian art was very vibrant. The colors used were rich and the pictures depicted wealth. Each painting had extravant elegant-looking woman or told a story. The Royal Academy of Arts ruled led the British art world. Each painter had a unique theme to their paintings. Sir Edwin Landseer was famous for his animal paintings. Sir John Everett Millais, Sir Edward Poynter, and Frederic Lord Leighton were all famous for colorful paintings that were very rich in fashion and style.

Victorian houses are still common today. Each house is full of colors, boldness, and uniqueness. The architecture was different than any other ordinary house because of the way it looked. Victorian houses have bold colors, windows, texture, balconies, and just looked so alive. This era was breaking out of the normal box-like house. Each house had many layers and shades. Roofs were also important because that was what shaped the house.

Literature during the Victorian Era was huge. Writing was a new and different way to express one's feelings back then. Charles Dickens was a very popular writer who's books contained vibrant characters, complex stories, drama, and humor. This was exactly what people liked. Nonfiction and poetry were the most popular writing styles. People liked to read their stories or poems out loud to others. Nonfiction writing was very detailed and had much to do with philosophy.

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