Victorian Culture and Society

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Victorian Culture and Society

Name: Lindsey Fenster Date: 26 September 2014

My JournalAbagale Smith, 15 years oldstarted 19 February 1890

Mother's Rules for Etiquette 1. speak quietly and softly2. at dinner, remember that ladies are seated first 3. do not remove gloves until after I have been seated4. always address men by "Mr." followed by their last name; NEVER use first names

15 April 1890Today was simply fabulous! Before noon, I helped Mother and some other ladies of high societal standing with a charitable event to raise money for the city's poor. After a delicious lunch served at Mrs. Brunswick's mansion, Mother allowed me to frolic with my friends for the rest of the afternoon. It was incredibley enjoyable, playing cricket and golf and such. Why, we even swam and rollar skated! That is, until Thomas Walker invited us to a game of croquet and lawn. We simply could not refuse. He even let us ride his bicylce around the grounds! Scandolous; I shan't let Mother ever know.

I never truly realized the class divisions in society before visiting the inner city today. There truly are three distinct classes: the Upper Class, Middle Class, and Lower Class. These poor children have to work in factories for long hours under harsh conditions to provide for their families--they are but eight, nine, ten years old! Truly horrific.

Mother said I ought to read these "novels," as they are now being called, instead of indulging in childish games such as dolls, knitting, and scrapbooks. If only she knew how Walter carried on with marbles and jacks and mumbly peg and backgammon! Nevertheless, I have heard that Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens write fine novels. A good friend of mine recommended Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and another Charlotte Bronte. I even snuck in a "futuristic and inappropriate" novel by H.G. Wells. These should keep me occupied for a good while!

As I have been looking to marry, Mother insists that I find a suitable suitor. She stresses frequently the importance of staying with my upper echelon of soceity. What she fails to understand, however, is that the middle class is growing in number and in wealth as a result of this "Industrial Revolution"! They are perhaps smarter than I, for I simply live off a rich inheritance whcih accompanies the family name. In fact, she sneers at the men who engage in cockfights and rat pits, but does she not know what Father engages in? Why, Father loves to elaborate on the ruthless cocks and fighting rats, along with drinking and gambling, billiards and poker, shooting and fishing.

How I do enjoy afternoon tea!

Dancing and singing are some of my favorite pasttimes!

Family is always first! Even with five younger siblings


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