Victoria Raining Forest

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Victoria Raining Forest

Raining Forest :)

Why is it important to understand Global Warming?It is important to know about Global Warming because if you don't know about it, you can't really help it. It is very helpfull to know that some thing your preventing is something you can't do by yourself, every one is involved in this project. It will take more than just a few people, you need as many people as you can get...

Design Brief:Problem- There is too much CO2 in the air and tree's use this, but we are cutting down tree's and tree's produce oxygen, so we cannot cut down tree's, because nothing will convert the CO2 into oxygen.

Describe your Project Earth Machine:A helicopter drops the seeds, the seed missile will eventually root, the plants will grow back and the forest will eventually be green and healthy.

Design Specification: Raining Forest1. It needs a ruder to make it fall straight.2. It needs a safe case to keep the seed from dying.3. It needs to survive the fall and be able to grow correctly.4. Must fall extact distence from each other.5. It must be made naturally.

Hypothetical testRaining forest1. It needs a ruder to keep it straight. To tes the rudder, drop it from 200 feet in the air, if it lands facing down, it passed the test.2. It needs to have a shell to hold the seeds in, to test the shell, drop it from 200 feet. It the shell does not split of crack, it passed the test.3. It needs to survive the fall from the helicopter and grow. To test, drop from 150ft, 200ft, and 250ft. After being droped, wait three week to see if it grows. If it grows, it passes the test.4. It must fall fall about four feet apart to test, drop several from different compartments at 200ft. It they land aprox. 4ft apart, they passed the test. 5. It has to be made of a biodigradable material, to test, find all natural materials for the shell then keave for three weeks. If it is mostly decomposed, it passed the test.

Discovery Channel. "Discovery Project Earth



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