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victoria otis biology .2A

Cell Division

Stages of MitosisProface-DNA coils tightly, chromosomes become visible, nuclear membrane dissapears, nucleolus disappears, centrioles migrate to poles, spindle fibers begin to form.Metaphase- Spindle Fibers from centrioles attach to each chromosome, and the cell is preparing to seperate its chromosomes. The chromosomes will meet in the middle of the cell. Anaphase-Cell chromosomes are seperated and the spindle fibers shorten so chromosomes pulled to the end of the cellsTelophase- The seperation of chromosomes is completed. The cell plate forms, the cleavage furrow forms, the nucleus and the nucleolus reform, and the chromosomes uncoil.

Stages in interfaceG1 Phase- 1st stage in growth after cell division. The cells mature and make more cytoplasm and organelles. The cell increases in size and prepares to copy the DNA. S Phase- synthesis stage where DNA is copied.G2 Phase- This is the second growth stage after DNA is coppied. The cell structures needed for division are made and organelles and proteins are produced.

Eukaryotes- Nucleus and membrane bound organelles, Asexually reproduce by mitosis.Cytokinesis- chromosomes seperate, and the two identical daughter cells are formed.



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