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Victoria honrychs

Marsupials' young are born extremely immature. Most females have a pouch where they put their young until they are old enough to get around on their own. They are fed milk from the mother's nipples in her pouch. They are never encased in a placenta during any stage of devolpment. Female marsupials have 2 uteri which mean they have 2 birthcanals. Most live in Australia.

Mamals and their Young

Mamals are animals who have hair, nuse their young, and are warm-blooded.

Monotremes lay their young in eggs which resemble a placental placenta or pouch. There is only two types of monotremes, platypus and the echdina(spiny ant eaters or porcupine). After the young are hatched, they are fed milk from their mother's abdomen, they do not have nipples. They have a lower average body tempature than other mamals of 90*F.

Placental mamals are a diverse group. Each of their young spend time devopling in a placenta, which is located in the uterus. The babies are fed tgrough the mother's mammory glands which produce milk. Unlike monotremes, placental mamals are not born in litters usually no more than 2.

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