Victoria, Australia

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Victoria, Australia

Intresting informationVictoria’s 1800 km coastline borders on Bass Strait, which separates the mainland from Tasmania, and in the west on the Southern Ocean. It’s a generally rugged coastline but includes many wide sandy beaches and three large, almost fully enclosed harbours. Melbourne and Geelong are on the shores of the most important of these harbours

Fast Facts - ... Hugging the tip of the Australian east coast, Victoria is Australia’s second-smallest state, covering 227,600 square kilometres – roughly the size of the British Isles

Australian State:Victoria

Flinder Street Station!

State Libary Victoria!

The Twelve Apostels!

Victoria occupies the south east corner of the continent between latitudes 34 and 39 south and longitudes 141 and 150 east

This is a map of Victoria!

This is the local map!

It covers 227 600 km2 – about the same area as England, Wales and Scotland; three-fifths of Japan and slightly larger than the US State of Utah.

In late December Captain James Grant in the Lady Nelson examines the coast of what is now Victoria sighting and naming such features as Portland Bay, Cape Albany Otway and Cape Schanck. Between Cape Otway and Wilson's Promontory the Lady Nelson crosses the bight that leads to Port Phillip but Grant does not detect the entrance to the harbour.tory of the city!

Victoria’s capital, Melbourne is located around the shores of Port Phillip Bay. The city itself sits beside the Yarra River, about five kilometres from the bay.


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