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Victoria and Elli

-First attained wealth and political power in Florance in the 13th century because of commerce and banking.-In 1434 Cosimo de' Medici (the elder) started the family's support of the arts and humanities, making Florance "the birth place of the Renaissance.-The Medici family had four Popes: Leo X, Clement VII, Pius IV, and Leon XI.-Famous for sponsoring artists, they would pay artists commissions for major works of art, which allowed artists to focus on works of art and not about money.

Most Impotant Family Members

.Masaccio.Brunelleschi.Michelangelo.Raphael.Donatello.Leonardo da Vinci.And many others

.Giovani- became rich out of poverty, only sponsored loyal clients who would make him profit, made this family the third richest Family in Florence..Cosimo- raised in family business from a young age, studied classical philosohpy and literature; one of the first generations of humanists. Urges father to invest in the arts, contracts Brunelleschi..Giuliano- adopted by his uncle after his father dies. They sponsor Michelangelo in 1488, later becomes a pope and has to deal with Henry VIII's want for divorce, later escapes the Sack of Rome, dressed as a servant..Lorenzo- at age 17 he goes against his father and thus secures the position of the Medici family in Florance. He liked to party and often got in fights over women in bars with men from rivel families. He married young (19) but have a good relationship and raise 7 children. He lived in constant danger and died young at the age of 43, but before that he worked with Botticelli, Leonardo, and Michelangelo.

Because of this family, many works of art and architecture were produced in Florance


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Victoria and Elli

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