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Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely was born in 1906 and went to school in Hungary. Before becoming an artist Victor studied medicine and worked in advertising. He later left medical studies and took up painting. In 1930 he married and later had two sons. Victor settled in Paris. Soon he started sculpting and painting using optical illusions or Op-Art. In the years around 1950 Varasely designed his own style of art. It was influenced by everyday items, such as tiles in the Paris metro, pebbles found on vacation and cubic houses. Eventualy he came up with the Plastic Alphabet. Many other artists have copied Victors style of pianting such as Andy Warhol.

Victor Vasarely

By Aiya Girio

Victor's work

Victor is often known as the "Father of Op-Art"

Op-Art or Optical Art is designed to make the viewer think the picture/painting is moving.

Victor Vasarely

"Every form is a base for colour, every colour is the attribute of a form." Victor Varasely

Victor Varasely died on March 15 1997 he was 90 at the time.

"The art of tommorow will be a collective treasure or it will not be art at all." Victor Varasely oficial Varasely website


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